Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean
the largest ocean in the world
Syn: ↑Pacific
Derivationally related forms: ↑Pacific (for: ↑Pacific)
Members of this Region: ↑Iwo, ↑Iwo Jima, ↑invasion of Iwo, ↑Philippine Sea, ↑battle of the Philippine Sea
Instance Hypernyms: ↑ocean
Part Meronyms:
Guadalupe Island, ↑Aleutian Islands, ↑Aleutians, ↑Oceania, ↑Oceanica, ↑Australasia, ↑Austronesia, ↑Wake Island, ↑Wake, ↑Malay Archipelago, ↑East Indies, ↑East India, ↑New Guinea, ↑Japan, ↑Japanese Islands, ↑Japanese Archipelago, ↑Volcano Islands, ↑New Zealand, ↑New Zealand Islands, ↑Palau, ↑Palau Islands, ↑Belau, ↑Pelew, ↑Philippines, ↑Philippine Islands, ↑Santa Catalina, ↑Catalina Island, ↑Antarctic Ocean, ↑Arafura Sea, ↑Bering Sea, ↑Coral Sea, ↑East China Sea, ↑Gulf of Alaska, ↑Gulf of Tehuantepec, ↑Inland Sea, ↑North Pacific, ↑Osaka Bay, ↑Pacific Coast, ↑Puget Sound, ↑San Diego Bay, ↑San Francisco Bay, ↑Sea of Japan, ↑East Sea, ↑Sea of Okhotsk, ↑South China Sea, ↑South Pacific, ↑Tasman Sea, ↑Yellow Sea, ↑Huang Hai

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(the) Pacific Ocean [Pacific Ocean] [pəˌsɪfɪk ˈəʊʃn] [pəˌsɪfɪkˈoʊʃn]
the largest of the world's oceans, lying between America to the east and Asia and Australasia to the west

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